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Inoar Botohair Treatment 3 Bottle Kit


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Shampoo, Collagen, and Reconstructor - the botox for hair treatment

This is a unique treatment formula that smoothes hair, acting as hair fillers, forming a protective layer around hair’s cortex. This innovative formula is comprised of proteins and various glossing agents that provide luminous shine with a luxuriously silky feel.

BotoHAIR has a phenomenal ability to reduce up to 95% of frizz and make curly hair easier to manage with its improved texture, even after its first use. The BotoHair frizz-free effect can last on average for 2 months.

This BotoHair kit has 20 applications on average.


Step 1 – Massage the BotoHair deep shampoo for 5 minutes, to deep cleanse hair. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat the step if necessary. Using a blow dryer, dry hair 80% if hair moderately curly and 100% if it's very curly.

Step 2 – Mix one measure of the BotoHair Keratin Collagen System with two measures of the BotoHair Reconstructor Balm. Mix well.

Step 3 – Divide the hair into 4 parts and apply the BotoHair smoothing system (smoothing treatment + reconstructor balm mix); from scalp to ends. Start at the nape of the neck, keeping 1/2 inch off the scalp area. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Blow-dry hair 100%. Divide hair into 4 parts and flat iron 3 to 5 times into thin sections. Rinse thoroughly. Style as desired.

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