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Diamond Beauty Reviewer Program

How Do I Get Free Product Samples From Diamond Beauty Supply?

Ready to discover your next beloved product?

Curious about snagging complimentary products from Diamond Beauty Supply? Here's how to score some fantastic freebies.

A Diamond Beauty Supply works with brands to provide a selection of products sent directly to members at no cost, spanning a wide range of beauty and cosmetic products. These items often come in full sizes and hail from renowned brands or up-and-coming ones you may not be familiar with yet.

All we ask in return is your honest feedback. Why? Because both everyday consumers and brands value candid opinions, whether they're positive, negative, or somewhere in between.

How do I qualify for the Diamond Beauty Supply Reviewer Program

Simply Register with Diamond Beauty Supply and complete the Reviewer Request form.

Reviewer Request Form

That's it!

The form will ask you to share a bit about yourself: your preferences, demographics, interesting, etc. The more we know, the better we can match you with products we think you'll adore.

Now, onto the fun part! Let our personalized technology do its magic. Although we don't actually make robot sounds, we're excited to surprise you with your next cherished item.

Don't forget to follow us on your preferred social media platforms—we're on all of them—to stay updated on the latest and greatest from Diamond Beauty Supply.

Received a Diamond Beauty Supply Sample? Here's what to do next.